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The Story of Chris Lewis Jewellers.

Chris Lewis Jewellers opened its doors in 1990 with a storefront on Victoria Road in Gladesville. Since that time it has been a well known and highly regarded business in this busy Sydney suburb, recognised for its personal service and quality craftsmanship. Over the years, Chris Lewis Jewellers has developed loyal clients who visit the store for all their special occasion jewellery needs, remodelling, repairs and servicing.

Owner and Master Jeweller, Chris Lewis, has built a reputation for creating beautifully crafted and unique pieces that are made to last, and because of this has become a popular destination for engagement rings.

In late 2017, Chris Lewis Jewellers moved from its location of 27 years to nearby Gladesville Shopping Village. The store sells Chris Lewis custom designs, as well as popular jewellery labels Georgini and Thomas Sabo.


The Art of the Master Jeweller.

As a young boy, Chris Lewis was always tinkering with things, learning how they were put together and using his hands to make things. It was his father who recognised this skill and suggested he study as a jeweller. Chris started his apprenticeship at 16 years old. He worked and studied under Sydney CBD jeweller Alan Gray, learning all facets of jewellery making and the intricate and detailed art of custom designed pieces and setting of stones.

For Chris Lewis, making jewellery has always been a passion and never a job. While doing his apprenticeship, he still spent much of his spare time making jewellery and perfecting his skill. Two and a half decades on, he continues to do that. Most recently, Chris went back to study new CAD (computer-aided design) software and techniques which he has been integrating into his workshop. These 2D and 3D design and printing processes coupled with his immense knowledge of traditional jewellery craftsmanship are enabling pieces that are more accurate, long-lasting and beautiful than ever.

Chris Lewis' attention to detail and perfectionism might drive his wife crazy, but it also makes him an expert in his field, a Master Jeweller.


A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.

having or showing very great skill or proficiency.


When he opened his store in 1990, Chris Lewis quickly became known for custom, handcrafted jewellery. When you buy a Chris Lewis Jewellers custom-made ring or piece of jewellery you know that Chris Lewis has undertaken every point of the production process personally - from the making of alloys, to the casting, hand-picking and cutting stones, setting and finishing each piece.

Chris designs and creates all types of jewellery but specialises in rings, and because of this has become known for quality engagement rings. Many of his engagement designs are made with Platinum, one of the most hardwearing metals available, and is a favourite metal used in the Chris Lewis collection.

Having been established for so many years with a regular clientele, Chris feels it's an honour to be a part of many families' special occasions.

"When we opened the store in Gladesville, for years customers would come in with their children, and on a few occasions now we've made those kids' engagement rings," explains Chris Lewis.

And when it comes to engagement rings, he understands how to make the best quality ring within a customer's budget.

"For an engagement ring customer, they want a good quality diamond. The stone doesn't have to be the best but it has to be close," he adds. "It is an emotional thing getting engaged. You need to feel confident about your choice of engagement ring. You want to know it's the best in your budget."

Chris Lewis Jewellers use only the best quality GIA certified diamonds and reputably sourced stones.

The staff at Chris Lewis Jewellers can help with sizing, stones, cuts, metal and more.

"We make pieces to last and for engagement rings, that's of the utmost importance. You want to know that stones are set correctly and safely in place, as well as looking beautiful."