How to Find the Correct Ring Size

If you're buying a ring (especially if it's a gift for someone and you don't want them to know) you need to get your sizing correct. Internationally, there are different sizing systems. Australian sizing uses letters to classify sizing. Rings are measured two ways - with the internal diameter (across the middle of the ring) and the internal circumference (around the inside of the ring).

The best way to get a measurement for someone else is to place string or paper around their finger and mark precisely where the two ends meet. If you can get hold of a ring they already wear on the finger you want to purchase the ring for, then bring this into your jeweller and they can measure it more accurately. Of course, if you're buying for yourself, then chat to our team to help work out your sizing. And always allow for hot weather, when your finger will change slightly due to swelling.

Australian Ring Sizing Chart.jpg