Picking the Perfect Wedding Band

When it comes to your wedding band, it’s always a good idea to consider a style you like at the same time as you're designing or buying your engagement ring. This will ensure both rings complement each other and sit well side by side. Using the same jeweller is a good idea. Some other points to consider include:


Your Lifestyle

Given you are going to wear your band every day, ensuring it works with your lifestyle is crucial for both partners. If you play sport or have a very hands-on job, it might be better to go for a plain, solid metal ring with round edges and avoid intricate designs and gemstones that can come loose and trap dirt. Choosing platinum is also a good idea because of its high durability.


Simple vs Statement

For women, the design of your engagement ring will dictate how elaborate you choose to go with your wedding band. The last thing you want is for the rings to compete. Often if your engagement ring is quite ornate, going for a simple band in the same metal is the way to go. However, if the band of your engagement ring is quite plain, and you intend on wearing your wedding band alone quite a lot, there is room to be a bit more adventurous. Think a band set with sparkling diamonds or coloured gemstones all the way around or an interesting braided feature.


Mix and Match

In recent years mixing metals has proven popular for both men and women with styles that combine two metals together, or in the case of women, having the engagement ring made from one metal and then the wedding band in another. There are no hard and fast rules, it’s more about choosing a style you love that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle.



Research shows you will spend anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 (or more for stones) on the wedding bands. If your groom is not likely to wear his ring after the ceremony you can save some money by choosing silver over gold. For the bride, it not only seals the deal but also adds to her engagement ring. Embellishments like diamonds and engraving will quickly increase the cost so be sure to factor this into your budget.



Remember the more intricate the design the more upkeep – particularly if you have a wedding band with stones. Like your engagement ring, it will need to be cleaned and checked once a year by your jeweller and possibly re-plated too. To keep it sparkling in between visits you’ll need to wash it in warm soapy water, gently brushing with a soft toothbrush, rinse then pat dry with a lint-free cloth. On the other hand, quickly rub a plain band with a clean lint-free cloth or chamois and go.


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